Saturday, September 1, 2012

today. 8.31.12.

rain makes me think. something about it is so peaceful and cleansing and I could watch it pour all day long.

it invites me to pause to reflect, to consider, and ultimately just to rest.

just like the storms from Hurricane Isaac have moved over my dry, thirsty little village of a town, sometimes spiritual storms are a really good thing. especially when you're in a drought.

how have those storms shaped me? I remember some of the bigger ones. hurricanes, you could call them. death, temptation, discontent, lack of faith, bad family situations, moving from my home.

then there were the small, and in retrospect, blown-out-of-proportion ones. brief showers. still, they brought me to where I am.

oh, how I hope it keeps raining.

drenched and thankful,

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