Wednesday, August 29, 2012

today. 8.29.12.

my family members will rebuke, patronize, and laugh at me for saying this.

I love nature.

yes, me. a self-proclaimed hermit.

for about a month now, I have taken a walk on the dead-end street behind my house around twilight nearly every day. it is truly incredible, how much it has changed me.

the tree line, half sun & half shadow. two rabbits scurrying across my path. puffy clouds and a crystal sky.
(tell me.. just HOW is the sky that blue?)

it's truly an aesthetic experience.

stop and take it in. breathe slowly, think hard, and think about this life we're living.

oh, and don't stop to take a panoramic picture. unless you want weird looks from the neighbors who just so happen to be standing on their back porch, probably wondering what that twirling idiot is doing in the middle of the street.


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