Friday, December 21, 2012


today has been anticipated by many as the apocalypse. (dun duh duhhh.)
and since that didn't happen (yet),
I'm relishing the fact that it's now winter.
personally it's my favorite season,
except for the dreadful sniffles & such that usually come with it. *coughs*

I love waking up to shiny white light in the morning,
although unfortunately since my older siblings are grown,
I'm not involved in as many snowball fights as I'd like to be. :)

to me, winter is a time of rest and reflection and renewing.
spring will come with new life in a few short months,
but as my favorite band states in this lovely song:

"every seed dies before it grows.

sometimes I need a break.
on the outside I may be fine, but eventually I need some time alone or else..
it's just not good.

once again I'm amazed at the seasons that our Father established
not only in nature, but in hearts and lives and emotions.
He placed balance and order where it was necessary and made it beautiful, too.
even though the cold wind and deep snow eventually gets tiresome,
it's beautiful.

the new year is coming, and I'm excited for it.
may all your resolutions fail and instead,
be reminded of the new life that comes after the winter.

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