Wednesday, January 23, 2013


is it just me or is everyone else still flipping out about this new year?
I seriously can't get over it!
2012 went by so quickly.. now part of the past. whew.

I'd like to commemorate:
the last week of '12 + the first week of '13 
with a little commentary and a few iphone snaps. :)

first off, I want to say that I was incredibly fortunate to be able to take
two (separate) out-of-state trips within a two week time frame.
it was so much fun to visit with my brother in Florida for the week of Christmas,
then fly down (BY MYSELF, might I add. woooot.)
to the lone star state to stay with a dear friend to attend
another dear friend's wedding.
seriously. awesome.


we spent nearly a week with my brother & his wife and daughter
and I loved every minute.
he's moved fairly often (as have I) in the past few years
and it's always a blessing to see him.
oldest brothers can't be beat, I tell ya.

day trip to historical St. Augustine. it was c.o.o.l.
my absolutely adorable youngest niece.
my brother. just in case you couldn't tell we're related..

so many more photos I could share from there.. maybe a facebook album?
if I ever get around to it. :)

now to Texas!

me and this amazing girl named Shelbie (dear friend) have been talking for almost
exactly a year now through email, texting, phone calls, skype..
anything you can think of.
other than in passing at church camps, we had only ever met ONCE last July..
for twenty minutes might I add- and it simply wasn't enough.
so I decided we needed a week together this January
and praise the LORD it worked out!
luckily we both knew this other amazing dear friend {Bekah}
and got to attend her wedding. together.
talk about fun. 

basically we have a lot of fun together.
mustache props + crazy wedding people = fun.
me, dear friend #1, dear friend #2.
I lovelovelovelovelove flying. love it.

SO. that's what my "lately" has looked like.
I'm excited for the adventures this year will bring.


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