Thursday, February 7, 2013

against the voices.

guys, I'm not really sure what I'm about to write but it's probably going to sound
like I need to be tested for a mental disorder.. so here goes.

do you ever hear voices?

do this. be that. talk more like this. don't feel that way. DOTHISBETHATDON'TDOTHATBELIKETHIS.

..that's how it sounds in my head.
every day.
voices, yelling.
beckoning, screaming for attention.
preconceived notions, flat out lies, hopeful assumptions, & so much more.

sometimes I wonder how many of those voices sound like
advice I shouldn't take, articles I shouldn't read, thoughts I shouldn't dwell on,
and honestly.. social media that I need to limit (Lord Jesus, help me!).

have we all but forgotten the need to tune out every once in a while
and take a really close look at what we're thinking about?
our sources of information?
how do we form our opinions?
our thinking patterns? even our worldview?

once again, more questions to be answered. blah blah blah blah blah.

so what does it boil down to? where is the resolve? root of the problem, people.

there is a singular voice of Truth that's more than a Casting Crowns song.
He lives in the sixty-six-book divine letter that sits on my shelf 75% of the time.

(can I just be painfully honest here and say that I DON'T always get it right?
I fight against these voices. I don't read my Bible enough. I struggle with prayer.
thank God for His beautiful grace and conviction that simultaneously
calls me to change that and gives the strength to do it.
that's what I consider a win-win situation.)

how clear is that voice when we know Who it belongs to.
although, a little disclaimer:
sometimes God's voice is hard to hear,
and sometimes He chooses to remain silent.
(but that's a different discussion for a different time.)

so, do you hear all those nagging voices now?
the ones pulling you in every direction but north?
I know I can.
better yet: do you know the voice of Jesus when He speaks?


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