Monday, June 24, 2013

single as a pringle.

hello, strangers. long time no see! 

this post has been coming for a while now.
at first I debated whether or not to share it, but I kiiiinda feel like I need to.
it's fairly personal, and not something I talk about too often. alright.
(^ ha, that sounds like I'm confessing a felony or making a huge announcement.. 'tis not so.)

anyhow. let's talk about relationships.

*collective sigh*

can we (as in the christian teenagers who may be reading this) all agree that topic is..
trite? tired? overdone? old? confusing? stressful? heck, how about boring?

I personally don't want to read another article about it ever ever ever.
(well, ok. some of the wisdom I've came across is probably more invaluable than I realize right now.)

here's my story. or problem. whatever. 

hopefully you can find a little encouragement from it.

I've never had a boyfriend and if you want to know the truth,
sometimes I'm terribly insecure about it.
no, I don't think I'm worthless or somehow less of a person because of it.
but on my bad days, I ask myself, "well.. why isn't anyone interested? what's wrong with me?"

(here's the part where you feel bad for me and maybe even say "aww" and cry.

...kidding. that's a joke.)

in fact, in my head I know that:
  • my worth, value, identity, and security aren't based in my relationship status. at all.
  • there is just that one person who was made for me (and I've always believed that)
  • God knows exactly how He'll bring that person into my life, and it's out of my control.
  • if singleness is what He chooses for me, He'll also supply the strength I need.
but sometimes those truths are difficult to translate to my heart.

I want to know for sure what will happen, or what I should do, and how it all works together.
but I don't.
I feel left out seeing everyone else have someone. but that's okay.
when my relatives at family reunion ask year after year if I have a boyfriend,
I just blush and say no as they ask me why. but that's okay, too. it's actually pretty funny.

all that to say this:
God is so faithful to me.

He is my foundation, my purpose, and the greatest relationship I will ever know.

if He blesses me with marriage, I want to do my best to make sure it is a display of Christ and His love for the church.

I pray for that person every time I think of it, and I reallyyy hope he does the same.
I need it, you guys.

if it's worth having, it's worth waiting for.

oh, and this.. because I love it.



  1. relationsheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp

    1. I should have known you'd enjoy that.

    2. ha. yes. sheep puns are my favorite.
      and dinosaur puns. and whale puns.

      those three have a special place in my heart.